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Bad Mongo

This song is by Turbonegro and appears on the album Ass Cobra (1996).

He's been waiting for so long,
Singing that same old institution song
A humanoid shape in the dense of night:
Bad Mongo's got a very big knife

Run back home and lock the door,
The streets ain't safe no more
Wild eyes and a dribbling tongue,
He likes murder and he likes wrong

Bad mongo-gonna kick you in the face,
Gonna stomp you in the face
Gonna make you crawl
And beg before he makes you die

A Fuck The World tattoo on his arm
The Iron Cross is his lucky charm
From the institution, with an axe in his hand
A genetic nightmare
It's the Bad Mongo Man

Gonna stab you in the foot, gonna kill you in the face
He's gonna destroy the human race

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