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Lord Of The Flies

This song is by Triple C.

Lord Of The Flies

Yo, they can't stop me 'cause, this is me, this is the triple to the c,

Ayo my life has been shit for a while,
I split for a while,
But Ima come back and spit for a while,
But let me sit for a while,
And tell you my story,
Tell you how I got my glory,
It's not really gory,
But it's a story,
I grew up as a kid wishing I could fight,
I was losing fights didn't know my left from my right,
I had two fists clenched but couldn't use em,
A lip that was loose and that's why they would bruise em,
I was a big man packed into a tiny frame,
The kids laughed at me and picked on my name,
But I overcame it and gave it,
Passed it on to the next kid so I couldn't name it,
Denial was so damn hard to do,
But what would you do if you were 10 and 4'2",

I liked her and still would do anything for her,
But she couldn't see me all she saw was dude's older,
I couldn't reach their shoulder so they were better than me,
Took the fame and the glory so I just let it be,
Then she finally said yes I got worked up but scarred,
Then a couple of hours later all I saw was the back of her hair,
I was used to people running off on me,
Dad didn't but he was d-i-v-o-r-c-ed,
I missed him but we met on the weekends,
Major breaks, the summer, but he was gone for the week then,
I couldn't eat then,
I loved my family but my mom was goin' crazy,
She did fine at work and then hollered when I was lazy,
I drove her zany with my brainy ideas to get us help,
But she was lazy when it came to that so there was no hope,
So my friends were my only solace,
'Cause I was soul less,
But after a while they started to know this,
And it was a fight to keep them roll less,

I wasn't popular everybody found me annoying,
When I was serious they were kidding and when they were for real I was toying,
I hated not having people to chill with all the time,
But then they came when I was around nine,
It was my boys in the future and this I knew,
Errol, Alex, Joey, Jaheem, and Henry too,
I was set up for the laughs and the fights,
They were the filler of my empty nights,
I did anything with these kids they were my crew,
Cops didn't matter and for a while dogs didn't too,
I wasn't blue, except for the day when I was licked,
Right in the mouth, but I restrained and took the hit,
I was tackled but when they pulled him off all I could do,
Was say, 'That was a good hit, I think you made me bleed too',
I was crazy it was shady baby but then we made up,
I was embarrassed but we were straight up,
So this is my life thank you for taking the time,
Be a part of it and you could be next rhyme,

I was seriously scarred and confused,
And the kids they were worse 'cause they were flat out rude,
But I ignored for the most part and kept on pushing,
If they saw me hanging by a thread they would get the clips from their bushes,
Don't kill the messenger but I was the one that said shit,
And that's why by the time I'm 16 I'm gonna get clipped,
All around me was racism but I blocked it out,
I just wanted to get home to block and shout,
Shout to all the people who were bringing me down,
Shout to the people who think that all I am is a clown,
Shout to everybody who hit me or told me I wasn't,
Couldn't don't try it so I was reluctant,
Shout to all the girls that looked the other way,
And then finally shout 'Look where I am today',

I want to thank all of the people who made this possible,
R.I.P. Grandma Long, Errol and Alex,
Jaheem and Clarence, James, Tara and Kicia,
Jordan, Mom, Dad,
The guys at Malonys- Will, Mike, Mark,

And this song is dedicated to the girls who aren't with me as I'm writing this, not over my shoulder giving words of encouragement, walking home with me, wearing my coat, all the girls that said no, all the girls who need to keep their lonely selves away from me, all the girls that think I'm a joke, all the girls who never took me seriously, and finally, every single girl in the fucking world, this song is for you

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