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Songz Medley

This song is by Trey Songz.

I like a long-haired red bone
Thick with them legs long
Shawty head strong
Blow me till her head gone
Shawty scream loud
Shawty gon? moan
Call that music to my ears; headphones
After we get it in, we can head home
Then I?ma get ya friend in my bedroom
I often fantasize I could get all y?all in the ride
Get so much pussy I bet I can guess ya panty size
August 4th is you READY for me girl?
I'd fuck you better than them niggas in ya world
Lick that kitty kat till she purrs
Beat it up so bad you wanna curse me out
If you top modelin
If you Twitter followin
It's too many girls I know I'm never gon? sex
But we can phone sex
Touch your own breast
Call my phone; 804-335-0051
Wanna hear you moan
(Oh shit)

- - -

Aye, Ci Ci
You lookin' real good in that video, girl

Sitting in the jeep
Beep, beep, beep
Waitin on Ci Ci
See, wanna tell you 'bout a dream I had
First time I seen ya ass, dancin on that chair
Tank top and sweatpants
I want what's under there
(Whoa, yeah)
You gave me a Fantasy Ride

Started when you hopped in my ride
Scooped you up from LAX
Paparazzi; duckin that
So detailed [?]
Don't you tell, we was havin' hella sex
Dream so vivid that I had to tell it
We got busy, girl, I woke up sweatin
If we did it girl you won't regret it
And if we never did then I'm still happy I said it

- - -

(Trey talks)

Heard ya man doin' you bad
Ion't wanna have to come whip his ass

Girl stop all that cryin
Whatchu worried bout?
Eatin all that ice-cream, sittin' on the couch
What's that about?
You know you da baddest
What, you gon? go back to ya momma and ya daddy?
My baby's gotta have me, but she wanna make you happy
She was posed to come over, but she just wanna console ya
And I just wanna do both, ya know?
He ain't do what he posed to

(Put her back on the phone right quick. Aye, baby)

Ya girlfriend can come too
'Cause I know just what she goin' through
We already know what to do
Ya girlfriend can come too
And you know you wanna see me, so you might as well bring her too
I know she feel bad and you wanna make her feel good
If you really, really wanna make he feel good
You should let her take part in the things we do
And, baby, when we step in the room, ya girlfriend gon? come too

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