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Shoulda Been A Rapper

This song is by Trey Songz.

Fuck what niggers are talking that shit is getting old
... Drop you niggers in the coffin somewhere out your ...
... Bad bitch get twisted I just call it a contusion
I know I am making a name I've been spitting spare time
Rap it like a rapper this is my I don't care lines
You better get it monster be aware... fight the grizzly
Go help the bear just wish to share my mind
Check cashier just to share my time
I am highest than himalayas pray ...
Just the lord really hit me once I say him what ...
Focus on the e-mail the link full of detail
Fly too many bitches plus I spend too much on retail
I am on the fast track this bitch is about to derail

This case ... they beat the sea shell
I am all ... bring that ...
...Swallow the load I am shiting you to come out ...
Love song are taking women to Jupiter ... go to hell
With a code c bitch real nigger threated ... get this ... out of my face like a ...
You can catch me up in time square 2 billboard
What I need to chill for I am doing fine here...
Fucking like a virgin so I call her mary magdalene
... She was funny ... I think I am gonna start right there

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