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It's Songz Snitches

This song is by Trey Songz.

(Trey Songz: Talking)
Aye Swizz, you should'a put me on this
Let's go

Chillin' in the Rova, listenin' to Hova
Dirt up off of my shoulder, she dig it like a golfer
Fitted on lean, while I'm sippin on lean
Feelin' on me while she drink it like a soda
Freeeze, freeze
Tell the fellas it's ova, tell em' he hella colder
They ain't better than me, hell, I be frozen over
I am never to be thought of nothing but soilder
Yup, third degree track, put in the toaster, burt
You could, you could, you could
You could light a match on that, I could put stacks on that
Fact is that, I am like a candle
Burn like wax on tracks
This man to break a nigga back on tracks
Relax for what? I'm a ball till I fall, then I'm right back up
White slacked up, Louie V sneakers
Singin' to the bitches and spittin' like either

You know who it is
It's Songz Nigga

Virginia on my back like a spine
Spend ten stacks like a dime
Put the prince back in his time
To bring sense back in the rhymes
A lot of dudes spit, but it's few that's intense
Like they missin' they mind, and they slip out, I climb
Aye, get a grip, catch a line
I'm pullin on piff all the time, come and get a wiff
All the dummys in this bitch get live
Whatever I'm lackin, I'm a get mine
There's room for growth, and I'm finna get wide
There's room to boast, and I'm finna get fly
I speak the truth, while a lot of dudes lie
Tell me what you would do if you had to survive
I could eat the booth, a lot of dudes would die, not I

Who wanna test me?

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