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Gotta Make It (Remix)

This song is by Trey Songz and appears on the album I Gotta Make It (2005).

Trey... yes mam
This is aretha (whoa)
Belive in urself (self)
Belive in ur dream (uh huh)
Don't let no body tell you what you can't do...(sing) u sure gon make it now

Diz song is 4 my (shorty)
Just go and do it you gotta know you can do it

N this song is for my (homie)
Just hold it down 'cause build it from the ground 'cause

I tried a suit with a smile (it ain't fit me) and I played the block for a while (tried to kill me)
No matter what you gio through I know 1 thing is true keep beliving in you

'Cause when itz feeling like you (jus can't take it)
And no matter what you do (it keep breaking)
Lift your head to the sky tell yourself I (jus gotta make it) I (jus gotta make it)

Shorty I know you got the learned the hard way babe
Before you give up just take a second babi
Look in the mirror your reflection ladai
Its perfection babai don't negeltic babai
Now homie I know you be nickeling and diming
Can't get nuff hours at your job to put ur time in I know the streets looking good and that money looking long go and get how you live who am I to say your wrong?

Man I done slept in hallways but I didn't cry though...


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