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The Wanderer

This song is by Trevor Rabin and appears on the album Face to Face (1979).

She went away right across the world
Likes the place from the bow to stern
Every day it is a social whirl
She set her sights but only to return

She's a wanderer (wanderer)
She's a wanderer (wanderer)

She'd stay the night then give the boys the slip
Creating every scene behind the way
Like a sister on the reverend trip
She'd rarely tip, begin to show her ray

She's a wanderer (wanderer)
She's a wanderer (wanderer)

She looked for love in every port of call
But in the entrance of her liberty
She finally got to the bottom of it all
She loves her town in the Seven Seas

She's a wanderer (wanderer)
She's a wanderer (wanderer)

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