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Her Handwriting (1996)

Trembling Blue Stars - Her Handwriting

Her Handwriting

  1. A Single Kiss
  2. For This One
  3. What Can I Say to Change Your Heart?
  4. Abba on the Jukebox
  5. The Far Too Simple Beauty
  6. Less Than Love
  7. Do People Ever?
  8. Last Summertime's Obsession
  9. A London Story
  10. Saffron, Beautiful and Brown-Eyed
  11. Nobody But You
  12. Two Octobers
  13. To Keep Your Heart Whole

Lips That Taste of Tears (1998)

Trembling Blue Stars - Lips That Taste of Tears

Lips That Taste of Tears

  1. All I Never Said
  2. Headlights
  3. Never Loved You More
  4. The Rainbow
  5. Made For Each Other
  6. Letter Never Sent
  7. I'm Tired, I've Tried
  8. You've Done Nothing Wrong Really
  9. Old Photographs
  10. Never Loved You More 2
  11. Deserve
  12. Cecilia in Black and White
  13. Tailspin
  14. Farewell to Forever

Broken by Whispers (2000)

Trembling Blue Stars - Broken by Whispers

Broken by Whispers

  1. Ripples
  2. She Just Couldn't Stay
  3. Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise
  4. To Leave It Now
  5. Fragile
  6. I No Longer Know Anything
  7. Back To You
  8. Birthday Girl
  9. Snow Showers
  10. Cecilia in Black and White
  11. Sleep
  12. Dark Eyes

Alive to Every Smile (2001)

Trembling Blue Stars - Alive to Every Smile

Alive to Every Smile

  1. Under Lock and Key
  2. With Every Story
  3. Haunted Days
  4. Here All Day
  5. Until the Dream Gets Broken
  6. St. Paul's Cathedral at Night
  7. The Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss
  8. Maybe After All
  9. Ammunition
  10. Little Gunshots

A Certain Evening Light (2003)

Trembling Blue Stars - A Certain Evening Light

A Certain Evening Light

  1. The Rainbow
  2. Abba on the Jukebox
  3. Slow Soft Sighs
  4. While Your Heart Is Still Beating
  5. Doo-Wop Music
  6. Before We Know It
  7. Though I Still Want to Fall Into Your Arms
  8. As Long as She's Needed
  9. She's Always There
  10. A Slender Wrist
  11. Home and Dry
  12. Find Her Gone
  13. Her World Beneath the Waves
  14. It's Easier to Smile
  15. Now That There's Nothing in the Way
  16. Smoke and Steam
  17. Half in Love With Leaving
  18. Christmas and Train Trips and Things

Seven Autumn Flowers (2004)

Trembling Blue Stars - Seven Autumn Flowers

Seven Autumn Flowers

  1. Helen Reddy
  2. Sorrow Has a Way
  3. The Rhythm of Your Breathing
  4. Moonlight on Snow
  5. If I Handle You with Care
  6. All Eternal Things
  7. The Sea is So Quiet
  8. All I'm Doing is Losing
  9. One Prayer Answered
  10. Further to Fall
  11. Last Port of Call
  12. Kensington Gardens

The Last Holy Writer (2007)

Trembling Blue Stars - The Last Holy Writer

The Last Holy Writer

  1. By False Lights
  2. Idyllwild
  3. Sacred Music
  4. This Once Was An Island
  5. The Coldest Sky
  6. Schnee Gletscher Glas
  7. November Starlings
  8. Darker, Colder, Slower
  9. From a Pale Blue Rosary
  10. Say Goodbye to the Sea
  11. The Tenth of Always
  12. A Statue to Wilde

Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires (2010)

Trembling Blue Stars - Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires

Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires

  1. My Face for the World to See
  2. All Our Tomorrows
  3. In Arrivals
  4. Frosting
  5. The Imperfection of Memory
  6. The Dark World of the Broken
  7. Cold Colours
  8. Half-Light
  9. Tropic of Capricorn
  10. The Last Four Winters of the War / Grey Silk Worm
  11. The Hidden Quarter

Other Songs

  1. The Times You've Come

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