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Learn To Fly

This song is by Treat.

You took it for granted
Till it came undone
Never thought you'd loose so much so young

The tears on your pillow
Tell more than the tale
Gotta get some wind beneath your sail

'Cause in time you'll see
It's one more memory
Once your heart breaks free

Lady's gonna learn to fly now
Gonna find the strength to try now
Gonna wave the past goodbye now
Gonna learn 'bout love

Lady's gonna stop her cryin'
Rise above the sigh she's sighing
Gonna find the life she's hidin'
Gonna learn 'bout love

So pick up the pieces
Start over again
Let out your feelings, don't pretend

And don't stop to wonder
'Bout songs you ain't sung
Cause the best is yet to come

There's no ghost to flee
No -one else to be
So let your dreams run free

'Cause in time you'll see
It's one more memory
So let your dreams all run free

Learn to fly
Learn to fly
Learn to fly

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