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W11 Blues

This song is by Transvision Vamp.

It was eight o'clock one night and I'm walking down the line
Heading for The Grove to meet some friends of mine.
Then out of a doorway comes these two bad talking guys
They say "Hey there white girl" and take me to one side.
My heart it was a pounding 'cause they caught me with a fright
The streetlight was a burning as I looked into their eyes
Well a thousand times I've walked these streets so I wasn't too surprised
When they said we got some stuff that you might like to buy.
I said I've got no money and even if I did
I wouldn't go a spending it on some old dustbin lid
Then just at that moment a cop's car passed us by
I could see the faces in it out of the corner of my eye.
The streetlight guys are grinning as the cop lined on ahead
The time to leave was now "Goodbye" is what I said
And they just smiled and sighed "We may see you again."
Now I just strode on down the line to Grove to meet my friends.
Left out of All Saints across Portobello Road
Underneath the Westway and into Ladbroke Grove.
Up two flights of stairs into a darkened hall
Click my heels count to three as smoke creeps out the door.
I rap upon it once and then I rap again
A voice says "Hi, hello, come in and meet my friends."
So I take a step inside say "Hey, how you doing?"
But I didn't shake again 'cause I already knew it.
There's Tone Loc on the player singing Funky Cold Medina
I mentioned that I saw her when she looked a bit like Neneh - Cherry that is.
But I don't want to spill that wine and the hour it's getting late
So I just say goodbye let's make another date.
Bye bye boys. Bye bye.
I click my heels count to four and stroll right out the door.
Now I fall out of the hallway back onto the street
Jump in a passing cab oh it takes me home to sleep.
I pay the taxi man and go inside my flat
Click my heels count to five and fall over the cat.
Switch the TV on to watch LA Law
The bell begins to ring oh the cops are at my door
But they don't wait for me to open it they just bust it in
Push my face into the floor and ask me where I been.
Well I been sweating all summer and slaving like a dog
Got blisters in my throat and my legs feel like wood
But that's another story I'll tell another time
But what I want to know right now is what's in store tonight.
The next thing that I know I'm in the station cell
Oh they've taken most of my clothes and they took my bag as well
The bed stinks of piss so I lie down on the floor
The only thing I smell is the smoke creepin' in beneath my door.

(The price has hit the ceiling cause the drug squad's dealing ... in it that is)

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