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Thats Not Luv

This song is by Trae.

That's not love
That's not love
That's not love
I woke up this morning feeling the worth will about me
Remember I am the streets, there ain't no life without me
Now what they really know about me
Other than affect ' any biz trying to take about me
I'm in the game so tell them niggers I'ma leave with something
I'm ' pass my patience bitch I'm leaving with some
I hate niggers ' like they dealer ' a new beginner
They say I never cheer,
I don't associate myself with other packs of gorillas
'Less than real
So understand before I lose, I swear to leave them
When they heard the news, that's not luv, damn

That's not love
That's not love
That's not love

Snakes in the grass, so I stay on the pavement
Survived the battle with animals and cavemen
And dead animals and dead men
I'm all in and my only friend is Amen
Keep your mouth closed, you wanna know why you die
The answer's right under your nose
And in the game I don't sleep, in the game I don't cheat
I just play my position, get MVP
I just gonna wipe the dishes till '
Trey you can count on me like 1, 2, 3 I
Keep my business in my pockets, don't wash with bleach
And I never show my hand, not even to me
That ain't luv

That's not love
That's not love
That's not love

They been questioning if this real well bitch I'm here to answer
I'm on that shit that hit your life in last stages of cancer
A couple decades of ' what your mind is on
There ain't no keeping up with me,
I'm in a different time zone
If I don't rap, I'ma trap
If I don't trap, I'ma ' really kept
Like Busta Rhymes and make it clap
Yeah they told you I'm gangster
Fuck what you talking about,
' I'm so Houston, homie '
When I speak, please shut the fuck up
'Cause I ain't speaking for him
They saying ' tell the motherfucker they went wrong
Nigger, fuck love

That's not love
That's not love
That's not love.

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