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Album by Trae.
  1. Intro
  2. Asshole by Nature
  3. Screwed up Click (featuring H.A.W.K. and Mr. 3-2)
  4. Don't Fake (featuring Bun B and Devin The Dude)
  5. Stay Out My Way (featuring Bill Cook, Jayton, Lil' B and Lil' Boss)
  6. In the Ghetto (featuring Lil' Boss, Russ Lee, Spice 1 and Yung Redd)
  7. Same Thing Different Day
  8. I've Been Hustlin' (featuring Dallas)
  9. Had Enough (featuring Mack Biggers)
  10. 'Til the Day I Drop
  11. Sittin' on Top of the World
  12. Oh No Reloaded (featuring Paul Wall)
  13. Time After Time (featuring Dallas)
  14. Let Me Live (featuring Shyna and Z-Ro)
  15. But What About Today
  16. On Your Own (featuring C-Loc and Shyna)
  17. Don't Need Y'all
  18. Special (featuring Shyna)

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