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Losing Composure (2003)

Trae - Losing Composure

Losing Composure

  1. Intro
  2. Beware (featuring Bun B and Z-Ro)
  3. Guerilla Maab 4 Life (Skit)
  4. Losing Composure (featuring Yukmouth and Z-Ro)
  5. Stressin' Me (featuring Billy Cook)
  6. Life on da Edge (featuring Shyna and T.C.)
  7. Days of My Life (featuring Billy Cook)
  8. Doin' My Thing (featuring Russ Lee)
  9. Ain't No Turnin' Back (featuring Z-Ro)
  10. Still on Tha Southside (featuring Russ Lee)
  11. Word of Pimpin' (Skit)
  12. Pimpin' (featuring Jayton, Lil' B and Pimp Skinny)
  13. Oh No (featuring Chamillionaire and Paul Wall)
  14. Strugglin' (featuring Dougie D and Shyna)
  15. Tell You a Story
  16. Wanna See Me Gone (featuring Charlie Berry)
  17. A Letter (featuring Shyna)
  18. How Could You (featuring Dougie D and Z-Ro)

Same Thing Different Day (2004)

Trae - Same Thing Different Day

Same Thing Different Day

  1. Intro
  2. Asshole by Nature
  3. Screwed up Click (featuring H.A.W.K. and Mr. 3-2)
  4. Don't Fake (featuring Bun B and Devin The Dude)
  5. Stay Out My Way (featuring Bill Cook, Jayton, Lil' B and Lil' Boss)
  6. In the Ghetto (featuring Lil' Boss, Russ Lee, Spice 1 and Yung Redd)
  7. Same Thing Different Day
  8. I've Been Hustlin' (featuring Dallas)
  9. Had Enough (featuring Mack Biggers)
  10. 'Til the Day I Drop
  11. Sittin' on Top of the World
  12. Oh No Reloaded (featuring Paul Wall)
  13. Time After Time (featuring Dallas)
  14. Let Me Live (featuring Shyna and Z-Ro)
  15. But What About Today
  16. On Your Own (featuring C-Loc and Shyna)
  17. Don't Need Y'all
  18. Special (featuring Shyna)

Restless (2006)

Trae - Restless


  1. Intro
  2. Real Talk
  3. In the Hood (featuring Big Pokey and Yung Joc)
  4. Screw Done Already Warned Me (featuring Lil' Keke)
  5. So Gangsta (featuring Bun B)
  6. Restless (featuring Young Noble)
  7. The Rain (featuring Dallas and Shyna)
  8. Dedicated 2 You
  9. The Truth (featuring Billy Cook)
  10. Swang (featuring H.A.W.K., Fat Pat and Pimp C)
  11. Quit Calling Me
  12. Cadillac (feat. Jay'ton & Lil' Boss & Paul Wall, Three 6 Mafia)
  13. No Help (featuring Z-Ro)
  14. Song Cry
  15. Matter of Time (featuring Mýa)
  16. Coming Around Tha Corner (featuring Jim Jones)
  17. Who Tha Truth Is (Skit)
  18. Pop Trunk Wave (featuring Fat Pat)

Life Goes On (2007)

Trae - Life Goes On

Life Goes On

  1. Throw Aways (featuring Gorilla Zoe and Yung Joc)
  2. I'm a Gangsta
  3. Life Goes On (Interlude 1) (featuring Lil' Duval)
  4. Screwed Up (featuring Lil Wayne)
  5. Against All Odds (featuring 2Pac)
  6. Life Goes On (Interlude 2) (featuring Lil' Duval)
  7. Nuthin' 2 a Boss (featuring Slim Thug)
  8. Life Goes On (featuring Lil' Boogie)
  9. Smile (featuring Jadakiss and Styles P)
  10. Life Goes On (Interlude 3) (featuring Lil' Duval)
  11. Give My Last Breathe Intro
  12. Give My Last Breathe
  13. Gittin' High
  14. Life Goes On (Interlude 4) (featuring Lil' Duval)
  15. Ghetto Queen (featuring Lloyd and Rich Boy)
  16. Million Bucks (featuring Jay'ton and Lil' Boss)
  17. See Me Ride
  18. I'm Good (featuring Jody Breeze)
  19. The Truth
  20. Life Goes On (Outro) (featuring Lil' Duval)

The Beginning (2008)

  1. Watch Over Mama
  2. Problems Pt. 2
  3. Against the World
  4. Don't Pay Off
  5. G Code (Featuring Khujo from Goodie Mob)
  6. G Shit (featuring Jay'Ton and Paul Wall)
  7. Hold On (featuring Dallas)
  8. Wake Up (featuring Slim Thug and Z-Ro)
  9. My Life
  10. I'd Rather Be (featuring Russ Lee)
  11. This Can't Be Life (featuring Dallas and Lil' Boss)
  12. White Bricks (featuring Lil' Boss)

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. 2 All You Hoes
  2. Check This Dig That
  3. Couple Grand
  4. Death Around the Corner
  5. Do It for H Town
  6. Drama
  7. Earthquake
  8. Fall Back
  9. Gangsta Gangsta
  10. Gettin' Paid
  11. Getting Paid
  12. Gimmie the Mic
  13. Grew up a Screw Up
  14. Hood Nigga (RMX)
  15. I Can Feel It
  16. I Found Me
  17. I'm From Texas
  18. I'm On
  19. Im Fly
  20. Inkredible
  21. Live Yo Life
  22. Long Live the Pimp
  23. Maab
  24. On the Southside
  25. Push the Button
  26. Pushin'
  27. Ridin Dirty
  28. Rollin'
  29. Show the World
  30. So Far to Go
  31. Stay Fly
  32. Still Ain't Forgave Myself
  33. Swang (Remix)
  34. Thats Not Luv
  35. These Ni**as Ain't Real
  36. Tonight
  37. What Can I Do


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