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Rubber Boots

This song is a Traditional.

This is a traditional song and therefore has no particular artist associated with it. It is believed to have originated in Canada.
I'm a hardy old sailor from Newfoundland's shore
I've fished for me livin' on the wild Labrador
Now the fishin's all over, me work is all done
And I'm goin' out tonight with me rubber boots on

So I ate up me supper and I shaved off me beard
For courtin' indeed I was highly prepared
With the day's work all over and the night comin' on
I remember that night with me rubber boots on

I knocked on her door and me knock it was low
And out of her slumber my knock she did know
She came to the door and said "Is that you, Tom?"
"It is, love," said I "with me rubber boots on"

She opened the door and invited me in
And into her bedroom she invited me in
She jumped on the bed with the blankets rolled on
And I hopped in beside her with me rubber boots on

Well, daylight next mornin' with the sun in the sky
I turned to me true love to say goodbye
She said "Don't you leave me, don't you know you done wrong
For you slept here all night with your rubber boots on?"

I turned to me true love with a wink and a smile
I said "Nothing could happen in such a short while
Whatever I did, love, I did it for fun"
And I hopped out of bed with me rubber boots on

It being nine months later I was summoned to court
Ten shillings a week I was fined for me sport
Ten shillings a week from a fisherman's son
I regretted that night with me rubber boots on

Ah, but now I'm back fishin', I'm happy for sure
I'll make them ten shillings on the wild Labrador
And when he gets bigger I'll take 'long me son
And he'll catch those codfish with his rubber boots on


Written by:

Newfoundland traditional

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