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Spirits Don't Lie

This song is by Toy and appears on the album Clear Shot (2016).

As I drag my weary mind up the steepest hill of all
I leave your broken love behind and let my heart rate gently fall
Now I've found a true possession, what was that I can't remember
Thought I'd teach us all a lesson, taught myself I can't forget her
Did I take up too much time? Did your nervous laugh
Meet mine when I gave a sigh?
Did you give your silence to me? Now that he's at one with you I cry
Am I surprised by the state of my mind when I close my eyes?

Hope she doesn't look at the mirror, memories of her love stolen from her
A bitter taste of when she was younger, a snap shot of her life growing older

Don't be surprised by the look in my eyes
When I turn off the light all that's left to do right now
To step inside and turn it round, the spirits don't lie
They whisk me up high, we fly

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