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Supersam (Doo Wop Reprise)

This song is by Tony Stewart.

(Del Monte and the Maraschinos)
The Philistines did
What they said they'd do
They burned Samson's wife
And her father too
So Samson swore
That once and for all
He would take revenge on them
And cause them to fall
Now Samson made a promise
Be sure! He kept his word
He knew with God beside him
Defeat was quite absurd
With hip and thigh he smote them
And when the debt was paid
He took a trip to Etam
And in the rocks he stayed
(Is it a bird or is it a plane ?)
(Is it a bird or is it a pl
Ane ?)
You ain't seen nothing yet till you clapped eyes
On Supersam
(Doo wop)

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