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Oh Mighty Man (Epilogue)

This song is by Tony Stewart.

(Del Monte plus full chorus)
(Composed by Marcus Gresham)
Oh you mighty man
Thousands died by your right hand
Saviour of your people
By the blood you spilt
You cleansed the land
You mighty man
Mighty man
But I know a stronger man
Oh you mighty man
You lost your way, Supersam
Saviour of you people
You had to lose your eyes
To see God's plan
For a mightier man
Mighty man
Oh yes, God has a mightier man
Oh you mighty man
Thousands live through your pierced hands
You saviour of your people
By your blood on the ground
The lost are found
And the blind can see
Mighty man
That you are God's mightiest man
Mighty man

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