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I know that your weed fields need working
And there's just time before the rain starts to fall
But I cannot stay for the harvest
'Cause tonight I'm headin' down south goodbye I'll see you all.

I hear there's a while line a hirin' hands out in Texas
So I guess I'll go and brush a well or two
Can you wait until I'm makin' up to get us through the winter
For the days are short and cold and work is scarce.

Mhm, the fragnance of your hair is in each meadow
And your smile has touched the wind
And as I work my way closer to you
It feels so good to be close to home again.

When the leaves fall from the trees
Look out your window, oh yeah
And you'll see me coming up the road
Run as fast as you can out to meet me
And throw your arms around me baby
'Cause baby I'm home...
I finally got back home, home sweet home
It's too good to be back home...

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