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The Delta Singer

This song is by Tony Joe White and appears on the album One Hot July (1998).

Never got the chance to tell him
I liked the boots he wore
And the faded denim jacket bought from some
Mississippi store
And I watched him there in the spotlight
And the crowd called out for more

I sat out back and listened underneath the trees
And the songs kept reminding me of where I'd been
And the blues notes floated softly on the australian wind

And we were both so far from home
In this little ol' hippie town
And the delta singer
He just kept on laying it down

You only got one way to play it
And the blues they never lie
But you get so tired of fighting the flavor of the week
And it drives you to a distant shore
Where you might find some place

And I walk out on the stage
Feeling kind of out of time
With rain on my shoulder and the Spanish girl on my mind

And when there's nobody left around
Who remembers the songs that were wrote
Like the delta singer I keep waiting on the next soulful note


Written by:

Tony Joe White

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