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I Believe I've Lost My Way

This song is by Tony Joe White and appears on the album One Hot July (1998).

Had to keep on till a line went empty
Had to keep on till it came on wide
Keep on burnin' when the fire was dying
Till I burn it down...

I been a lookin' on the dark side
I don't know what I've thought I could find
Now there's a stranger in the mirror
Lookin' back at me, he says it's a payback time

I could drift away so easy to that old familiar place
But it's a high price to pay
I've ran out of excuses and it's hard to face
But I believe I've lost my way

I wouldn't cut out to be alone
But I keep findin' myself alone
I wear the silence like an overcoat
And the nightmare lingers on

I had a dream about a sister who lived alone since gone away
I reached out and touched her face
Then she burr to read in silence and she began to pray
And I knew I'd lost my way


Written by:

Tony Joe White

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