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I'm Not The Same Man

This song is by Tony Iommi and appears on the album The 1996 DEP Sessions (2004).

Between the colour of this moment
I fail to stop the hands of time
I lay to rest where am I going?
I've come this far to change my mind
I know there is no lie to break
I know that I have made mistakes

Beneath the symbol of my conscience
I stand alone for what is right
My body heals that once was broken
I make amends to cure my sight
And I will never look away
And I will face another day

I'm not the same man
I'll never break that vow again
I'm past the pain
'Cause I'm not the same man

Surrounded by a code of silence
There comes a time to turn the page
And I won't give my soul to no one
Now is the time to come of age

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