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I Love Me Some Him

This song is by Toni Braxton and appears on the album Secrets (1996) and on the compilation album Ultimate Toni Braxton (2003).

I love me some him
I'll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

All those days and lonely nights
Have all gone away
I never thought the day would come
When we'd be more than friends
You made me smile when I was down
And turned my world around
The way you give me love feels so right (oh)

You took the ease off my mind
And put it behind
You were there for all my needs
So baby (stay)

Just like a dream come true
I wished for you
I have never been so happy 'bout a love so new
You opened my heart to a brand new start
My love's there wherever you are
I won't let no one take you away

You took the ease off my mind
And put it behind
You were there, yes indeed
For all my needs (yes you were babe)

'Cause you came alone and changed my life
Told me things would be all right
And they were, thanks to you (babe babe thanks to you)
And now I have the strength to carry on
In my heart you have a home
And I never want to be alone
'Cause I love me...

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