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Cutting Rhythms

This song is by Tone-Lōc and appears on the album Lōc-ed After Dark (1989).

It goes rama lama ding dong bigger than King Kong
I'm on the mike and still got it going on
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, full of philosophy, not being precocious
I can take an adjective run it around
Line it up in a rhyme-make you swear it's a noun
Like a word to a verb, a part to a clause, hey!
I went for mine so you can go for yours
Dedication and desire keeps me on fire
If we was in London you'd be calling me sire
The length of the lecture can cause pressure
That's why my rhymes, they're dope-they're so much fresher
Such a technique is so unique
Anticipation of a crime wave for me to speak
I go angle myself to be chill and not a bore
I'm living in L.A., you know I'm hard core
Your circle's kind of envious you want to get with us
My name is Tone-Loc and my DJ's got rhythm

Rhythms... Rhythms... Rhythms...
Do it!...Do it!...Do it!

One, two, buckle my shoe.
So many funky, fresh rhymes, man, I don't know what to do
I begin to say 'em and M plays 'em
They bust us on a tip. We just daze 'em
I make up the rhymes (easy). Mike is the scratcher
Just like Duncan Hines cooking up fresh batches
Several raps are paper, but most of them scatter
Keep most the funky ones in my head, so it don't matter
A saying, a skit, a practice or rehearsal
There's one more song for the press to call "controversial"
It's no cartoon-I don't see no animation
You try to fuck us up because you'll be filled with agitation
Circumstances, might not allow me to bust
Because they know I got more game than Toy-R-Us
It's not Monopoly or Rubik's Cube or game of Chess
Tone-Loc, MC, getting A's on his test
Cause you're out there, your mad. I know you want to hate us
But you're forsake 'cause my DJ's got rhythm

Rhythms... Rhythms... Rhythms...
Oh yeah...
Do it!...Do it!...Do it anyplace...
Anna likes to be...
With all LOC
Ah, girl...
What are you doing to me?
Oh, I like. You know it.

It ain't a miracle so don't get hysterical
I'm on the mike with a serious scenario
It's on your radio and coming from the stereo
And don't you cut it until Loc say so
The main attraction, give us satisfaction
A slayer and a player getting plenty petty action, yeah!
Hip Hop it and rocking a star
I will climb up any mountain just to get to the top
Cause women they see go down in a valley
A down brother, cool cooling in Cali
Cali, 'ey, is the place I stay
When it rains on the west side streets of L.A.
A lot of people ask me why I started rapping
I say, "I don't know, it just kind of happened."
I had a few 40's, I was drunk to the core
Sitting at the club, homeboy, I was hell of a bored
Then all of a sudden it hit me like a shock
Tone-Loc was in the place and it was time to rock
Just to freshen up my breath, I chewed a stick of Dentyne
And then I quoted on the mike with fresh routine
You know it.
All questions answered
And the case is closed
Tone-Loc in full effect. You know what I'm saying?
This is going out to all my homeboys on the west coast
Down south, up north, midwest. And of course, to all the chilling posses back east.
Brooklyn, Flatbush, the Bronx
Money-making Manhatten, Strong Island
What's happening you all? How are you all living? Sure your way.
Ah, back to the west coast
West side L.A., East L.A., Compton, West Side, Watts
How you all living?
Dina. What's up Dina?
Hey, it's still a "Mr. Dina", ha hey

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