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Album by Tom Waits.
  1. Waitin' For Waits with Richie Cole
  2. I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand
  3. Walk Away
  4. Sleep Tonight by The Rolling Stones
  5. Crazy About My Baby
  6. Pontiac
  7. Take Care Of All Of My Children
  8. Serrano
  9. The Fall Of Troy
  10. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet with Gavin Bryars
  11. Martin Goes And Does Where It's At with Martin Mull
  12. Eggs And Sausage
  13. Date To Church by The Replacements
  14. Metrotown
  15. Thousand Bing Bangs with Ken Nordine
  16. Down There By The Train by Johnny Cash
  17. Sweet And Shiny Eyes by Bonnie Raitt
  18. Fumblin' With The Blues / Drunk On The Moon / Virginia Avenue (Live)
  19. Tango Till They're Sore (Live)

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Alice (The Original Demos) (2002)
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