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Ballad Of Forty Dollars And His Other Great Songs (1969)

Tom T. Hall - Ballad Of Forty Dollars And His Other Great Songs

Ballad Of Forty Dollars And His Other Great Songs

  1. That's How I Got To Memphis
  2. Cloudy Day
  3. Shame On The Rain
  4. Highways
  5. Forbidden Flowers
  6. Ain't Got The Time
  7. Ballad Of Forty Dollars
  8. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
  9. A Picture Of Your Mother
  10. World The Way I Want It
  11. Over And Over Again
  12. Beauty Is A Fading Flower

Homecoming (1969)

Tom T. Hall - Homecoming


  1. A Week In A Country Jail
  2. Strawberry Farms
  3. Shoeshine Man
  4. Kentucky In The Morning
  5. Nashville Is A Groovy Little Town
  6. Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn
  7. Homecoming
  8. The Carter Boys
  9. Flat-Footin' It
  10. George (And The North Woods)
  11. I Miss A Lot Of Trains

I Witness Life (1970)

Tom T. Hall - I Witness Life

I Witness Life

  1. Salute To A Switchblade
  2. Thank You Connersville Indiana
  3. Do It To Someone You Love
  4. Ballad Of Bill Crump
  5. All You Want When You Please
  6. Chattanooga Dog
  7. Girls In Saigon City
  8. Hang Them All
  9. Coming To The Party
  10. America The Ugly
  11. That'll Be All Right With Me

100 Children (1970)

Tom T. Hall - 100 Children

100 Children

  1. One Hundred Children
  2. I Can't Dance
  3. I Want To See The Parade
  4. Sing A Little Baby To Sleep
  5. Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)
  6. Ode To A Half A Pound Of Ground Round
  7. Pinto The Wonder Horse Is Dead
  8. I Hope It Rains At My Funeral
  9. I Took A Memory To Lunch
  10. The Hitch-Hiker
  11. Old Enough To Want To

In Search of a Song (1971)

Tom T. Hall - In Search of a Song

In Search of a Song

  1. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
  2. Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs
  3. Trip to Hyden
  4. Tulsa Telephone Book
  5. It Sure Can Get Cold in Des Moines
  6. The Little Lady Preacher
  7. L.A. Blues
  8. Kentucky, February 27, 1971
  9. A Million Miles to the City
  10. Second Handed Flowers
  11. Ramona's Revenge

We All Got Together And... (1972)

Tom T. Hall - We All Got Together And...

We All Got Together And...

  1. Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On
  2. Souvenirs
  3. Pamela Brown
  4. Bourbon Man
  5. Promise And The Dream
  6. She Gave Her Heart To Jethro
  7. Coot Marseilles Blues
  8. The Monkey That Became President
  9. Pratt Street
  10. High Steppin' Proud
  11. Me And Jesus

The Storyteller (1972)

Tom T. Hall - The Storyteller

The Storyteller

  1. Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine
  2. Rolling Mills Of Middletown
  3. Grandma Whistled
  4. Piece Of The Road
  5. One More Song For Jesus
  6. More About John Henry
  7. When Nobody Wants Your Body Anymore
  8. Windy City Anne
  9. Story Of Your Life Is In Your Face
  10. Willy The Wandering Gypsy And Me
  11. St. Louis Named A Shoe After Me

The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers (1973)

Tom T. Hall - The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers

The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers

  1. Ravishing Ruby
  2. Don't Forget The Coffee Billy Joe
  3. Spokane Motel Blues
  4. Looking Forward To Seeing You Again
  5. I Flew Over Our House Last Night
  6. Another Town
  7. Too Many Do-Goods
  8. Song For Uncle Curt
  9. Man Who Hated Freckles
  10. Candy In The Window
  11. Old Five And Dimers Like Me

For The People In The Last Hard Town (1973)

Tom T. Hall - For The People In The Last Hard Town

For The People In The Last Hard Town

  1. I Love
  2. Country Cabin-Itis
  3. Back When We Were Young
  4. Subdivision Blues
  5. Running Wild
  6. Joe, Don't Let Your Music Kill You
  7. Pay No Attention To Alice
  8. I Know Who I'll Be Seeing In New Zealand
  9. Never Having You
  10. Love's Been Good To Me
  11. Last Hard Town

Country Is (1974)

Tom T. Hall - Country Is

Country Is

  1. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy
  2. Forget It
  3. Gone To Hell In A Basket
  4. Who Needs A Baby
  5. I Feel Like Flying Away
  6. Country Is
  7. Loneliest Girl In The Crowd
  8. Canadian Women Canadian Clubs
  9. You Love Everybody But You
  10. God Came Through Bellville Georgia
  11. Over The Rainbow

Songs of Fox Hollow (1974)

Tom T. Hall - Songs Of Fox Hollow

Songs Of Fox Hollow

  1. Mysterious Fox Of Fox Hollow
  2. Sneaky Snake
  3. How To Talk To A Little Baby Goat
  4. Barn Dance
  5. I Care
  6. Ole Lonesome George The Bassett
  7. I Wish I Had A Million Friends
  8. Everybody Loves To Hear A Bird Sing
  9. I Like to Feel Pretty Inside
  10. Song Of The One Legged Chicken
  11. I Love

I Wrote A Song About It (1975)

Tom T. Hall - I Wrote A Song About It

I Wrote A Song About It

  1. Deal
  2. From A Mansion To A Honky-Tonk
  3. Girl Who Read The Same Book All The Time
  4. Trees In Philadelphia
  5. I Like Beer
  6. Fallen Women
  7. Singer's Song
  8. Lying Jim
  9. It Rained In Every Town Except Paducah
  10. Mc Leay Street In Sydney
  11. Sad Song For My Friend

Faster Horses (1976)

Tom T. Hall - Faster Horses

Faster Horses

  1. Faster Horses
  2. It's Got To Be Kentucky For Me
  3. Big Motel On The Mountain
  4. No New Friends Please
  5. Little Brown Suitcase
  6. I'm A Cowboy Too
  7. Negatory Romance
  8. It Feels Better Now
  9. Beer Drinker's Waltz
  10. Songwriter
  11. I'm Forty Now

The Magnificent Music Machine (1976)

Tom T. Hall - The Magnificent Music Machine

The Magnificent Music Machine

  1. Fox On The Run
  2. Paradise
  3. Mama's Got The Catfish Blues
  4. Bluegrass Break-Up
  5. I Don't Want My Golden Slippers
  6. Molly And Tenbrooks
  7. The Fastest Rabbit Dog In Carter Country Today
  8. I'll Never Do Better Than You
  9. Magnificent Music Machine
  10. Rank Stranger
  11. Bluegrass Festival In The Sky

About Love (1977)

Tom T. Hall - About Love

About Love

  1. Your Man Loves You, Honey
  2. Whole Lot Of Love
  3. And I Love You So
  4. Little Green Flower With The Yellow On Top
  5. Lovin' Arms
  6. Time Takes Care Of A Few Things (Love Takes Care Of The Rest)
  7. Goodbye Cowgirl
  8. One Of The Mysteries Of Life
  9. It's All In The Game
  10. Happy Groundhog Day
  11. I Still Care What Happens To You
  12. Way We Were

New Train Same Rider (1978)

Tom T. Hall - New Train Same Rider

New Train Same Rider

  1. Come On Back To Nashville (Ode To The Outlaws)
  2. I'm Not Ready Yet
  3. Burning Bridges
  4. Dark Hollow
  5. I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)
  6. May The Force Be With You Always
  7. Whiskey
  8. No One Feels My Hurt
  9. Mabel, You Have Been A Friend To Me
  10. I Wish I Loved Somebody Else

Places I've Done Time (1978)

Tom T. Hall - Places I've Done Time

Places I've Done Time

  1. What Have You Got To Lose
  2. I Couldn't Live In Southern California
  3. The Grocery Truck
  4. The Man Who Shot Himself
  5. The Son Of Clayton Delaney
  6. Mr Bo Jangles
  7. The Three Sofa Story
  8. The Great East Broadway Onion Championship Of 1978
  9. Hat Full Of Feathers
  10. Gimme Peace

Saturday Morning Songs (1979)

Tom T. Hall - Saturday Morning Songs

Saturday Morning Songs

  1. Saturday Morning Song
  2. That's Why You Have To Be You
  3. Pisty
  4. Rattle Mouse
  5. There Is A Miracle In You
  6. Easter Is
  7. Halloween Is
  8. Thanksgiving Is
  9. Christmas Is
  10. Your Birthday Is

Ol' T's In Town (1979)

Tom T. Hall - Ol' T's In Town

Ol' T's In Town

  1. Last Country Song
  2. Old Habits Die Hard
  3. Jesus On The Radio (Daddy On The Phone)
  4. The Old Side Of Town
  5. Greed Kills More People Than Whiskey
  6. You Show Me Your Heart (And I'll Show You Mine)
  7. Different Feeling
  8. Girl You Sure Know How To Say Goodbye
  9. What Do You Mean When You Say Goodbye
  10. I Left You Some Kisses On The Door

A Soldier Of Fortune (1980)

Tom T. Hall - A Soldier Of Fortune

A Soldier Of Fortune

  1. Soldier Of Fortune
  2. Me And Jimmie Rodgers
  3. We're All In This Thing Alone
  4. Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents A Gallon
  5. The World According To Raymond
  6. I'll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again
  7. Texas Never Fell In Love With Me
  8. The Six O'Clock News
  9. People As Crazy As Me
  10. Whiskey Castles

Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels (1983)

Tom T. Hall - Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels

Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels

  1. Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels
  2. How'd You Get Home So Soon
  3. Barroom Stranger
  4. Senior Citizen Star
  5. The Letters
  6. I'm Just Not An Easy Man To Love
  7. The Harmonica Man
  8. The Adventures Of Linda Bohannon
  9. What Am I Gonna Do With My Music
  10. Wasted, Borrowed Money

Natural Dreams (1984)

Tom T. Hall - Natural Dreams

Natural Dreams

  1. Famous In Missouri
  2. My Heroes Have Always Been Highways
  3. Before Jessie Died
  4. They Captured The Outlaw Last Night
  5. I Only Think About You When I'm Drunk
  6. P.S. I Love You
  7. Blackberry Dreams
  8. Brand New Bartender
  9. The Whittler
  10. I See

Songs From Sopchoppy (1996)

Tom T. Hall - Songs From Sopchoppy

Songs From Sopchoppy

  1. St. George Isle
  2. Water Blue
  3. Lost In Florida
  4. Shoes And Dress That Alice Wore
  5. Sky Blue True
  6. Raking Up Leaves
  7. Redneck Riviera
  8. You Are My Hero
  9. Little Bitty
  10. Ships Go Out

Home Grown (1997)

Tom T. Hall - Home Grown

Home Grown

  1. Bill Monroe For Breakfast
  2. Beautiful River Of Life
  3. Legend Of The Lady Bear
  4. Royal Annie
  5. Waiting On The Other Shoe To Fall
  6. Local Flowers
  7. Watertown Tennessee
  8. Way I've Always Been
  9. Life Don't Have to Mean Nothing at All
  10. Back When The Old Homeplace Was New
  11. What A Song

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. A Bar With No Beer
  2. Day Drinkin'
  3. Fox Hollow's Animal Train
  4. Harper Valley P.T.A.
  5. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
  6. Let's Play Remember
  7. Little Lady Preacher
  8. Myra
  9. O Christmas Tree
  10. Put Another Log On The Fire
  11. The Million Miles To The City
  12. You Are A Star (Brittni's Song)

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