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The Cuckoo

This song is by Tom Rush and appears on the album Tom Rush (1965).


Oh the cuckoo she's a pretty bird
And she warbles as she flies
But she never holler cuckoo
Till the 4th day of July

Jack of diamonds, Jack of diamonds,
Well I've known you of old
Well you've robbed my poor pockets
Of the silver and the gold

Well I'm goin' up up on the mountain,
I' m gonna build me a still
And I'll sell you one gallon,
For a two-dollar bill

Well, I'll eat when I'm hungry
And I'll drink when I'm dry
If some woman don't shoot me
Then I'll live till I die

Well for workin' I'm too lazy
And beggin' that's too low
Well train robbin' that's to dangerous
So a-gamblin' I'll go

Well the cuckoo she's a pretty bird,
And she warbles when she flies
Well she brings us glad tidings
Yes, she tells us no lies

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