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Seems The Songs

This song is by Tom Rush and appears on the album Merrimack County (1972).


Seems the songs I'm singing now
They're all about the sea and sky
It seems the scenes I see these days
They're city streets, I can't say why
Looks as though the life I chose
Is different from my dreams
I'm going home to younger days
When things were as they seemed

Anyone who's anyone
They're nowadays getting kinda fat
It's been a long, long time since I
Since I've seen that lean and hungry look
The drummer smiles a small smile
He used to laugh a laugh
It seems to him he heard he won
He's feeling like he lost

I'm told the leaves are turning now
I hear that Jesus died
No matter how I plan these years
There's no way out alive
I'm going down to town today
To say my last farewell
I'm coming home to stay this time
Living by the well.

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