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What You Call It

This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

I was crowded, now I feel like my ass in a desert
There is no backstabbing and ass-kissing in my present
It's all honest; tell me a reason why I should lie to you
If we can't get by with the truth, then I'd say "Bye" to you
Look for another ass faggot that gon cry for you
It's not my style, get a phlegmatic you could compile it to
I got a good heart don't get me wrong I can listen too
Problem is you tell me some shit, (that) I ain't wanna listen to
It's a pitty 'cause I do share your interests, but fair enough
There is a high-up border in my mind about private stuff
And it's not that you told me it's even worse (that) you did it
The addressed motherfuckers know what's up I'm not a critic
No playing nice, homey we could do the shit anyways
But I'm on probation so no imprudent shit anyways
Everything is thought out I just relax and sit back
I don't need to talk about shit 'cause I just spit raps. What's that?

I wonder where the valve would've been if I wasn't a rapper
If I didn't write, where would I process all the disaster?
All the data in my mind, best I put it to a rhyme
It's secretly hidden anyways; you don't listen to the lines
If you listen to my album from front to back, motherfuckers 'could front to act
Everything you've taken from me (now) I want it back
So once and for all listen to what I'm saying
'Cause the best way to hurt you is psychological pain
I know you think I overreact because we are friends
But no matter what, your missing innocence is the quintessence
And if it's not about drama it's all about cash
Take your 3 figure amounts and shove 'em right up your ass
Please don't even ask, dog I came back from the dead
Write a book about quantum physics I'm rapping instead
'Cause everything you said, was foretold, Quantum leap barcodes,
Untold truth I stay unsold, what you call it?

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