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This song is by Tom Jeefs, features A.Y. and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

(Verse, Tom Jeefs)
Tom Jeefs is back with HiDef-Sound
Everything you dropped got pushed back to the last round
4K HD on a BD
What you feel seems less important than what you see
But what you hear is on top of the matter
The end of the food chain man, I'm on top of the latter
Better yet, come in tact, no ice, no Cadillac
But in fact raps that'd batter tracks with bats
Tom Jeefs speaks highly illuminated
Haters can't believe the guy that he truly made it
You can say what you want but it's just
I'm in the upper class limousine and you ride the bus
In future better think before making decisions
You're always looking straight ahead but I'm having visions
Yo, I didn't come, see and conquer
I came, saw, analyzed and rhymed like a monster! What!

(Verse, A.Y.)

I'm closing my eyes, to open up my mind
To open up the rhymes in a time when its fine
Thinking 'bout their lies and the devil in disguise I just hide
I don't have the time to go wild
If I say rap is my mission, it's my decision
To share the visions I'm spittin' the lyrics where I'm getting
And I don't care what the others might think of me
Many years have passed and I got sick of these
If I could change the world I would do it with words
Explaining, entertaining the people up on the earth
I needed some time to see the vision that I have heard
You wanna hear what I see? Two rappers one word
Now let me make this clear, lend me you ear
If you wanna get the meaning, you gotta take it near
The music is my weapon, The crowd I my gear
The stage the arena, the fight is right here

(Verse, Tom Jeefs)
Business intervention in high-definition
Guys listen, when I start writing it's a rhyme mission
Fine fission of styles, invisible files,
Bringing it back to HipHop when we're spitting to crowds
Semantic anomalies, encrypted in policies
For rappers to sign that drop quality commodities
You spitting bars? Well, how many, if any?
I rhyme like a bum rapping for his last penny, get em!

(Verse, A.Y.)
We know that it is difficult, sometimes we get suspicious too
We spread our visions through collisions, time to speak the truth
For you it's just a track, but for it's a revision too
Thoughts in our minds, now it's time to speak to you
Imagine possibilities of entering facilities
Epiphany so close, listen to this symphony
A mixture of mobility together with motility
Gentility and the peace of tranquility

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