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Suffer To Learn

This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

Yo, Raise my arms to the sky, where am I?
Had to take a long time but the time went by
It all looks similar but nothing is the same
More pain simple and plain I'm turning insane
The old times are golden, time should stand still
Because things can only get worse and they will
Tried to make sense but I can't get a thing up out it
And addressing it won't help when I think about it
Life sucks, when the people nowadays are in a rush
They looking through blinders but don't give a fuck
So what can I do, and how am I in the position
To say what needs to be said. And make the people listen
Just move, but make moves that are wise
Baby steps is walking back if seen from outside
They live their lifes but can't see past disguise
Everything that lives also dies so use your time
The cruelty of humans is everlasting, still
Minds kill, throw them in jail, they get surprisingly ill
I will understand if you talk to me, man
I can, no matter what has been taken from your hand
Imagine, being close-captured and asked questions
By bastards that do jobs where nothing else matters
And then, have everything taken in one second
No time to think about it man, you're not packing
I'm speaking my mind let it fly if you don't maul it
Out of line, out of turn, however you call it
I seem to follow the cry and I am not hurt yet
They say this guy is the truth but he is not heard yet
Not now, I speak the minds of the knocked out
They take all vitality from you it's sucked out
Try'na turn you to dead bodies, and zombies
But trust me bro, these motherfuckers can't harm me
And again I try to send a message out there
To people that might need it but they do not care
I don't complain about life I know it's not fair
But others are starving to death, I'm happy I'm not there
So if you made up your mind, boss, then let me know
You understand where I come from? Let me go!
They say stay alive other thoughts are absurd
Everything is cool in other words, but I'm concerned
They ask me "Tom, where did you get the explanation from?"
I said life teaches lessons be patient son
Adversity is the school of Wisdom
And bitches look me square in the eye as they whisper
But Fuck that! I got a clue better hush that
You got whack Ideas to harm me but I crush that
Just keep distance and show respect
Strength is a matter of soul I'm as strong as I can get

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