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Real Talk

This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

Money hungry demons, polluting the air that we breathing
Everything happens for a reason
But why, they put our priorities last
Controllin the mass, only working cause of cash
It's the reason why they greedily devour
The reason why these people and politicians be talking about power
The reason why they knocked down the towers
It's the reason why they blind us on the media and rob us of hours
Only good to use it, just a piece of cotton paper
With symbolism on it that's only perceived by a hater
A truth decorator, a conspiracy believing smartass
Scratching the surface of what'll come out later
Churches and domes
Agents walk in the golden hour of Rome
Wearing suits and cologne
Recruiting the poor souls that are bought and sold
By worldwide organizations traded in parts and wholes, yo

Information worth more than the life of a human
Who fights against the unknown but always keeps losing
Throw-away society, That don't lose a word
We throw away every day what could feed the third world
But it don't occur. Most of the people have the nerve
To live life with tunnel vision and believe what they heard
Do not only talk the talk but also move to it
To every urban myth there is a quantum truth to it
The all seeing eye is watching us.
How you gonna fight something with knowledge and power beyond us
All I can say is one day will be the day we gotta fight
So your ass better prepare if you wanna get away alive
The all seeing eye is watching us
They got power and potentials that are way above us
It's up to you to either be informed or call me a hater
Write with an ink pen and square and compass on my paper

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