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This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

This is the close up... artistically exaggerated while manifested,
Well debated, nearly infested, layered, political incorrect
But accurate, precise, calculated, apocalyptical,
Apocalyptically released... diseased... still on a mission
Mentally strong... image in High-Definition... of HipHop

How far you get depends on what your mind can bear
I caught two cases lately but I'm still here
And they ain't gon lock me away
If they did they had a problem with rap
Simply because of the gap they'd create
'Cause lately ya man Jeefs became a part of the culture
A single man, managed to cut right through the middle man
Freelancer rap, self-employed engineer and all that
Come to the club where I perform at
To get in contact, Jeefs is touched by the masses
Actual, because they request us,
They put more than two on my head because they wanna test us
Tom Jeefs the MC filmed and put on BD
But he ain't rappin' 'cause the MC's on 4-MMC
Let's see, the label didn't sell the DVD
No making cash off me on the M-I-C
That's how it be,
They seek the data to see me on the streets

HiDef - the HipHop Dogma
Write shit till the sun goes up to spit harder
I'm steadily in training; don't know where I'm aiming
But still, rhyme technique, one shot one kill
And you don't need 5-figures to get me on a track
The essence is the music, I'll spit unless you whack
But in fact, it's not even bout that! Know why?
Who could keep up with semantic laser beams that I rhyme
I keep on firing,
When you're out of timing, I'm rhyming
Like metronomes pulsed by atomic clocks
With the atmosphere of a core-meltdown, it's hot!
Tsar Bomb attack when they bump it on the block
Don't forget your self-evident friend before he stops
Take the words I spoke and carve 'em into rock
Tom Jeefs on the top they'll see we had it locked
Crown me the king like they used to crown Pac

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