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This Island Earth

This song is by Todd Rundgren and appears on the album Global (2015).

They say there may well be a million other planets
Just like this island Earth
And that the day will come when we can travel there and
Stage some kind of rebirth
Until you realize they're so far away, so far away, light years away

There is no other place in this universe like this island Earth
We fantasize about despoiling other worlds
Like this island Earth

Some believe that aliens are testing us
Like they had eyes on this island Earth
We get amusement from crop circles
Or when a cow gets inverted
We want to think that we're not alone, we're not alone
All on our own

There are no aliens looking to take over this island Earth
We are the only ones to blame for what becomes of this island Earth
Because the garden world where we used to thrive
Will be a place where nothing living survives
And we finally realize we must strive to save this island Earth

There is no other place in this universe like this island Earth
We have all the water in the galaxy, for what that is worth
We behave like we're not of this world
We turn the garden of Eden to hell
Where is the love
For this island Earth?
For this island Earth?


Written by:

Todd Rundgren

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