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This song is by Todd Rundgren and appears on the album Liars (2004).

You could be my everything, you almost have it all
You'd be perfect but you've got one fatal flaw
We could live so happily, the envy of them all
But that'll never happen 'cause you've got one fatal flaw

And all my friends they look at me
Say 'she's a ten' and I agree that you are a mad love maker
I know I should accpet it all and overlook the little faults
But this one's a real deal breaker

And all my friends they look at us
Say 'he won't bend when he could just live happily ever after'
It's not that I'm afraid of it, but every time you force a fit
There's crying instead of laughter

So why you gotta be such a lyin' ass motherfucker?

And you sure had me fooled
You really sent me back to school
And you made me feel like a royal tool
Still I can't help having a soft spot for you

If we put it down on paper and we're careful how we draw
It looks perfect but it's got one fatal flaw
And you may overlook the obvious, pretend you know it all
You refuse to see it but it's got one fatal flaw

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