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Momentum (2001)

TobyMac - Momentum


  1. Get This Party Started
  2. What's Goin' Down
  3. Irene
  4. Toby's Mac (Interlude)
  5. J Train
  6. Do You Know
  7. Tru-Dog (Interlude)
  8. Momentum
  9. Yours
  10. Quiet Storm (Interlude)
  11. Wonderin' Why
  12. Somebody's Watching
  13. Triple Skinny (Interlude)
  14. Love Is In The House
  15. Extreme Days
  16. Don't Bring Me Down (Interlude)
  17. In The Air
  18. Afterword (Interlude)

Welcome to Diverse City (2004)

TobyMac - Welcome To Diverse City

Welcome to Diverse City

  1. Hey Now (featuring Coffee)
  2. Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy) (featuring Papa San and MOC)
  3. The Slam (featuring T-Bone)
  4. Poetically Correct
  5. Atmosphere
  6. Gone
  7. TruDog: The Return
  8. Diverse City
  9. Stories (Down to the Bottom) (featuring Superchick and Mob Action)
  10. Getaway Car
  11. Burn for You
  12. Fresher Than a Night at the W
  13. Ill-M-I
  14. Phenomenon
  15. Gotta Go
  16. Atmosphere (Remix) (featuring dc Talk)

Renovating Diverse City (2005)

TobyMac - Renovating Diverse City

Renovating Diverse City

  1. Getaway Car (Jazzadelic Free Mix)
  2. The Slam (D Dubb Remix)
  3. Diverse City (Club-a-Dub Remix)
  4. Burn for You (Shortwave Radio Mix)
  5. Hey Now (D Dubb Remix)
  6. Phenomenon (Blanco E Chegro Mix) featuring Tricia Brock of Superchick
  7. Gone (Long Gone Remix)
  8. InTRUding Again
  9. Catchafire (White Rabbit Mix) (featuring DJ Maj)
  10. Ill-M-I (Dutch Mix)
  11. Atmosphere (Ambiente Mix)
Bonus Tracks
  1. West Coast Kid (featuring Paul Wright)
  2. Burn for You (Cat Paw Remix)

Portable Sounds (2007)

TobyMac - Portable Sounds

Portable Sounds

  1. One World (featuring Siti Monroe)
  2. Made to Love
  3. Boomin'
  4. I'm for You
  5. Face of the Earth
  6. No Ordinary Love (featuring Nirva Dorsaint)
  7. Ignition
  8. Hype Man (Trudog '07)
  9. Suddenly
  10. All In (Letting Go)/Mr. Talkbox
  11. Feelin' So Fly
  12. No Signal
  13. Lose My Soul (featuring Kirk Franklin and Mandisa)

City on Our Knees (2009)

TobyMac - City on Our Knees

City on Our Knees

  1. City on Our Knees
  2. Lose My Soul (Shoc Remix)
  3. Boomin' (UTB Remix)
  4. Interview

Tonight (2010)

TobyMac - Tonight


  1. Tonight (featuring Skillet)
  2. Get Back Up
  3. Funky Jesus Music
  4. City On Our Knees (featuring Beckah Shae and Siti Monroe)
  5. Showstopper
  6. Changed Forever (featuring Nirva Ready)
  7. Hold On
  8. Loud'n'Clear (Trudog 10)
  9. Hey Devil
  10. Wonderin' (featuring Relient K)
  11. Captured
  12. Start Somewhere
  13. Break Open The Sky (featuring Israel Houghton)

Christmas in Diverse City (2011)

TobyMac - Christmas in Diverse City

Christmas in Diverse City

  1. Christmas This Year by TobyMac (featuring Leigh Nash)
  2. The First Noel by TobyMac (featuring Owl City)
  3. Mary's Boy Child by TobyMac (featuring Jamie Grace)
  4. O Come All Ye Faithful by TobyMac
  5. Little Drummer Boy by TobyMac
  6. This Christmas by TobyMac
  7. Carol of the Kings by Dj Maj (featuring Nirva Ready)
  8. Birth of Love by SuperHErose
  9. What Child Is This? by Arch Nemesiz
  10. It Snowed by Tim Rosenau
  11. Angels We Have Heard on High by Nirva Ready
  12. Santa'scomin'baka'round! by toddiefunk
  13. Christmas Time by Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers

Eye On It (2012)

TobyMac - Eye On It

Eye On It

  1. Me Without You
  2. Steal My Show
  3. Eye On It
  4. Forgiveness (featuring Lecrae)
  5. Speak Life
  6. Unstoppable (featuring Blanca)
  7. Lose Myself
  8. Family
  9. Thankful For You
  10. Made For Me
  11. Mac Daddy (Tru's Reality)
  12. Favorite Song (featuring Jamie Grace)

This Is Not a Test (2015)

TobyMac - This Is Not a Test

This Is Not a Test

  1. Like a Match
  2. Backseat Driver (featuring Hollyn and TRU)
  3. This Is Not a Test (featuring Capital Kings)
  4. Lights Shine Bright (featuring Hollyn)
  5. Til the Day I Die (featuring NF)
  6. Feel It (featuring Mr. Talkbox)
  7. Move (Keep Walkin')
  8. Love Broke Thru
  9. Beyond Me
  10. Love Feels Like (featuring dc Talk)
  11. Undeniable
  12. Lift You Up (featuring Ryan Stevenson)
  13. Fall

The Elements (2018)

TobyMac - The Elements

The Elements

  1. The Elements
  2. I Just Need U.
  3. Scars
  4. Everything
  5. Starts With Me (featuring Aaron Cole)
  6. Edge of My Seat
  7. It's You
  8. Horizon (A New Day)
  9. Hello Future
  10. Overflow
  11. See the Light

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Songs Featuring TobyMac

Other Songs

  1. Shout Praise
  2. Boomin'/Opera Trip
  3. Face Of The Earth/Chuck @ Artist Development
  4. Love Is In The House (NW Remix)
  5. Psalm 40

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  • b.1964
  • Occupations: singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, producer, author

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tobyMac is a performance name for Kevin Michael McKeehan.

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