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Thin Skin

This song is by Tin Armor and appears on the album A Better Place Than I Have Been (2007).

There's fruit but not enough to keep me hanging on the vine.
There's you but not enough to keep me waiting on the line.
On the other side of the dial, what are you waiting for me to say?
You've waited too long and now something has gone away.
There's truth enough for you to at least to admit we were friends.
But acting like you knew, why does that depend?
I've dropped the dime too many times
And if I had a nickel for every line you fed while I waited
We would both be much richer in the end.
And now I'm thin skinned.
But the long haul is brimming with adults
And we could be there too
Me and you and you.
But we shared common ground
And what's that worth to you.
Well I don't think you consider this at all.
But that's exactly what you do,
Why couldn't you for me to?
Why couldn't you?
And I know it's small to immortalize my feelings,
But darling I'm still reeling
And I think I have to option as much as you.
Yes I do.
But I don't want to.
On who do I rely?
On who do I rely?
Oh don't roll your eyes.
On who do I rely?

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