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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Lowe Bonnie by Jimmie Tarlton
  2. Early Mornin' Blues by William Harris
  3. Billy in the Lowground by Burnett & Rutherford
  4. Rambling Gambler by Dixon Brothers
  5. Every Day in the Week Blues by Pink Anderson
  6. I Got a Bulldog by Sweet Brothers
  7. Tom Cat Blues by Cliff Carlisle
  8. Preacher Blues by Hi Henry Brown
  9. Salt River by Kessinger Brothers
  10. Blushing Bride by Golden Melody Boys
  11. Kiss Me Quick by The Georgia Yellow Hammers
  12. Magnolia Blues by Charley Patton
  13. Perrodin Two Step by Angelas Le Jeunne
  14. Bachelor's Hall by Fiddlin' John Carson
  15. Walking Shoes (Button up Shoes) by Tommy Johnson
  16. Wolves Howling by The Stripling Brothers
  17. Mistreated the Only Friend You Had by James Cole & His Washboard Band
  18. Havana River Glide by Martin & Hobbs
  19. I Want Two Wings to Veil My Face by Jess Hillard & His West Virginia Hillbillies
  20. Make Down the Bed and We'll All Sleep Together by Jess Hillard & His West Virginia Hillbillies
  21. Special Rider Blues by Skip James
  22. Walk Right in Belmont by Wilmer Watts & The Lonely Eagles
  23. Leaving All to Follow Jesus by Rev. D.C. Rice And His Sanctified Congregation

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