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Tim's Bio:From the Motion Picture: Life From da Bassment (1998)

Timbaland - Tim's Bio- From the Motion Picture- Life From da Bassment

Tim's Bio: From the Motion Picture: Life From da Bassment

  1. Intro (featuring T.K. Kirkland)
  2. I Get It On (featuring Shirley Bassey)
  3. To My (featuring Nas and Skillz)
  4. Here We Come (featuring Missy Elliott and Magoo)
  5. Wit' Yo' Bad Self (featuring Skillz)
  6. Lobster & Scrimp (featuring Jay-Z)
  7. What Cha Know 'Bout This (featuring Mocha and Longpigs:Baby Blue)
  8. Can't Nobody (featuring 1 Life 2 Live)
  9. What Cha Talkin' Bout (featuring Lil' Man, Static and Magoo)
  10. Put 'Em On (featuring Static and Yoshamine)
  11. Fat Rabbit (featuring Ludacris)
  12. Who Am I (featuring Twista)
  13. Talking On The Phone (featuring Kelly Price, Missy Elliott and Lil' Man)
  14. Keep It Real (featuring Ginuwine)
  15. John Blaze (featuring Aaliyah and Missy Elliott)
  16. Birthday (featuring Playa)
  17. 3:30 In The Morning (featuring Virginia Williams)
  18. Outro
  19. Bringin' It (featuring Troy Mitchell)

Shock Value (2007)


Shock Value

  1. Oh Timbaland
  2. Give It to Me (featuring Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado)
  3. Release (featuring Justin Timberlake)
  4. The Way I Are (featuring Keri Hilson, D.O.E. and Sebastian)
  5. Bounce (featuring Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake)
  6. Come & Get Me (featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo)
  7. Kill Yourself (featuring Sebastian and Attitude)
  8. Boardmeeting
  9. Fantasy (featuring Money)
  10. Scream (featuring Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger)
  11. Miscommunication (featuring Keri Hilson and Sebastian)
  12. Bombay (featuring Amar and Jim Beanz)
  13. Throw It on Me (featuring The Hives)
  14. Time (featuring She Wants Revenge)
  15. One & Only (featuring Fall Out Boy)
  16. Apologize (featuring OneRepublic)
  17. Promiscuous (with Nelly Furtado) (US edition bonus track)
  18. Wait A Minute (with The Pussycat Dolls) (US edition bonus track)
  19. 2 Man Show (featuring Elton John)
  20. Hello (European Bonus Track)

Shock Value II (2009)


Shock Value II

  1. Intro (By Felli Fel)
  2. Carry Out (featuring Justin Timberlake)
  3. Lose Control (featuring JoJo)
  4. Meet in tha Middle (featuring Brandy)
  5. Say Something (featuring Drake)
  6. Tomorrow in a Bottle (featuring Chad Kroeger and Sebastian)
  7. We Belong to the Music (featuring Miley Cyrus)
  8. Morning After Dark (featuring Nelly Furtado and SoShy)
  9. If We Ever Meet Again (featuring Katy Perry)
  10. Can You Feel It? (featuring Esthero and Sebastian)
  11. Ease Off the Liquor
  12. Undertow (featuring The Fray and Esthero)
  13. Timothy Where You Been (featuring Jet)
  14. Long Way Down (featuring Chris Daughtry)
  15. Marchin' On (featuring OneRepublic)
  16. The One I Love (featuring Keri Hilson and D.O.E.)
  17. 4 Minutes (with Madonna) (featuring Justin Timberlake) (US edition bonus track)
  18. Elevator (with Flo Rida) (US edition bonus track)
  19. Symphony (featuring Attitude, Brandy and D.O.E.)

Timbaland Thursdays (2011)

Timbaland - Timbaland Thursdays

Timbaland Thursdays

Regular Edition
  1. Take Ur Clothes Off (featuring Missy Elliott)
  2. Round Da Way Tim (Dirty)
  3. Lil Apartment (featuring Attitude & 6Two)
  4. 808 (featuring Brandy)
  5. You Lied, You Cheated (featuring Keri Hilson)
  6. Mentally (featuring Lyrica Anderson)
  7. Hot Mess (featuring J'Royal Price and JimmyCodean)
  8. Whenever You Like (featuring BranNu)
  9. Automatic (featuring 6Two & Attitude)
  10. All Yall (featuring Attitude and Short Dawg)
  11. Did It, Done It (featuring Petey Pablo)
  12. Fack You (featuring Attitude)
  13. Not My Happiness
  14. I Won't Board This Plane
Deluxe Edition
  1. All Yall (featuring Attitude and Short Dawg)
  2. Automatic (featuring 6Two and Attitude)
  3. Fack You (featuring Attitude)
  4. Hot Mess (featuring J'Royal Price and JimmyCodean)
  5. I Won't Board This Plane
  6. Lil Apartment (featuring Attitude and 6Two)
  7. Mentally
  8. Not My Happiness
  9. Round da Way Tim (Dirty)
  10. Show Dat Bra (featuring BranNu and Attitude)
  11. Slow-Down (featuring Blind Fury)
  12. 808 (featuring Brandy)
  13. You Lied, You Cheated (featuring Keri Hilson)
  14. Covers Blown (featuring Keri Hilson, Attitude and Sebastian)


Songs on Soundtracks

Songs Featuring Timbaland

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. Amnesia
  2. Good Foot
  3. 90
  4. Break Ya Back
  5. Ching Ching
  6. Da Funk
  7. Get Involved
  8. Get On The Bus
  9. Give It A Go
  10. Give It To Me (Clean)
  11. Good Foot
  12. I Don't Need It
  13. I Just Wanna F.
  14. I Love Them Girls
  15. I Still Hear Your Voice
  16. I'll Be Around
  17. I'll Never Be The Same
  18. I'm A Believer
  19. I'm In Love With You
  20. Laff At Em (Give It To Me Remix)
  21. Maniac
  22. Mornin After Dark Remix
  23. Naked
  24. Not All About The Money
  25. Paper Scissors Rock
  26. Party
  27. Pass At Me
  28. Rumors
  29. Say
  30. SexyBack
  31. She Wants It (Ayo Technology)
  32. Slow Down
  33. Straight Outta Virginia
  34. Talk That Shit
  35. Talk That (Featuring T-Pain & Billy Blue)
  36. Talkin' Trash
  37. The Way I Are (Radio Edit)
  38. The Way I Are (Remix)
  39. They Ain't Ready
  40. This Lady
  41. Timbaland Vs. Nephew
  42. Turn Off The Light
  43. Underground
  44. Up Jumps Da' Boogie
  45. Warped
  46. We At It Again (Video Remix)
  47. We At It Again
  48. Welcome To Timbaland
  49. What Can I Say
  50. Yourself

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Timbaland is a performance name for Timothy Zachery "Tim" Mosley.

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Since 1993


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