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Skip To My Loot

This song is by Tim Dog and appears on the album Do Or Die (1993).

Part 1 - tim dog:

Check, check, check, me and my man,
Check, check, me and my man;
Check, check, check, me and my man,
Check, check, me and my man;
Check, check, check, me and my man,
Check, check, me and my man;
Check, check, check, me and my man,
Yo, check my man, and then me....

Skip to my loot, hoo, my loot,
Is go to tha crip of my man make gangsta loot,
Hoo, my loot,
The nigga who's down with the hardcore monster crew,
(yo, who) - my loot,
Remember me and you was on the corner drinkin' some brew;
(nigga who) - fuck you,
And you mom's do too, and your pop's, 'cause i got props,
Fuckin with dog call the cops,
Steppin to me, you about to get dropped,
Step, don't to the barber shop, get a chop,
Take a loot of the top - now wait a minute, stop;
Hoe, you fuckin with my headline,
Nigga whats on ya mind?
I'm the bad namma jamma, the bad mamma jamma,
The biggidddy biggiddy biggidddy - (yo fool, you rhymin like),
Oh shit, yeah, rated x, i like to get sex, speakin' of sex;
Bang, boom singer, i'm the humpdinger,
Hit mo skins than an r 'n b singer,
Straight out, i'm lyricly equipped to wreck;
Smooth b. get on the mic, you gotta mic check.

Part 2 - smooth b.:

Oh shit;
Smooth b. once again livin' lovely,
Huh, and ever be no other above me;
Rollin' with the dog, on some ol' bronx shit,
Money, bitches, jewels noir quit,
Huh, i might start blushin',
I got a bus load of cuties, philly to flush in;
I strive to keep bang, yo,
And if i ain't got my nine, i got my shank;
Stay out the trouble, if it's black on black,'couse thats wack,
So brother ease back;
But also i know, the worse devil is a black,
Devil on a 'nother level, labeled as a nigga;
Tryin to live bigger, don't make me pull the trigger;
Huh, i'm from the ghetto, i'm not for settle;
And even with a haume or a vest, you get wet-oh.

Part 3 - tim dog:

We got the mack, pack, ready to attack,
Punks with no skills gettin' jacked;
Yeah, so bring ya sloppy crew;
I had bitch niggaz runnin' from my motherfuckin' 22,
You tryin to front on my man,
Its gonna be hard, cause you fuckin with guard,
We come equipped, and should to give,
Smooth grab the mic, had a light to spliff.

Part 4 - smooth b.:

Yo, yo, when i was 10,
My brother came home from calm stop,
Told me how to box and knock niggas out the sox;
I the smooth, never since, that's why i don't flinch,
And suckers are ments that imma black man,
And that makes me super.
Smooth b., tim dog the bronx troopers,
We live life on the peacefull,
But if a sucker violace, believe crews to see full,
Piece by piece, you, one high these, too.
Raps from bronx continly stomp any crew,
Lyricly i'm live, cause 'em swift,
Pass the jelause on the spliff, cause i supply the rap gift.
Uh, i got the styles strapped off;
Any later, perfetraitors can just break north.

Part 5 - tim dog:

Ryhtm is fast, never lastin',
My hoe's for my money, so i'm whippin' on assin', boom bashin';
Do never try to front on my loot, bitch you think you cute, hit my brew;
I kick a mudhole in ya ass, for fuckin with my cash;
Bitch you understand, hit my motherfuckin' man.

Part 6 - smooth b.:

Oh yeah, smooth b. on the mic do a workin',
At the stop, is high to flurkin', one thing's fo surkin',
I make you weak, where the type met a skirkin',
She might bend over,
Show me your cat and the dog comes over.

Part 7 - tim dog:

I'm gonna getcha, you never was a witcher,
Hit ya, slip ya, you then i'm gone a ditcher.
You been had by a crew,
And all we gotta say is skip to my loot.


Skip to my loot, hoo hoo hoo, skip to my loot;
Skip to my loot, hoo hoo hoo, skip to my loot;
Skip to my loot, hoo hoo hoo, skip to my loot

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