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I Always Knew

This song is by Tilly and the Wall and appears on the album Wild Like Children (2004).

I've lived my life
Inside daydreams, lies
Imaginary friends
They always knew,
Knew one day I'd leave,
Leave for good

I'll give away this girl
Who tried to make you fall in love
I'll give her to,
To you
So keep her close,
Close to you

Said you won't forget about her
How she loved you so,
Long ago
Once upon a time

Now she has grown,
Grown up
And you can't take,
Take it back
A lie, a lie will change my life
And won't ever go back to that

I will stay true,
True to this belief
That we changed for the best through this

Separate the ones who know you
From the ones who couldn't bother to see
You for all that you are

And deep down I always knew
All the times I've thought that I've loved you
It wasn't just an easy answer,
It was make believe

But I still believe
That this heart,
Heart will learn to love.

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