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When Night Comes Down

This song is by Tiger Army.

I'm most at home in darkness
Birned and blinded by the day- it weighs heavy on my heart
But I take strength from its harshness
For my spirit shall ascend as the darkness falls upon the Earth

An ashen-faced ghoul like a white spider
With only poison and contempt for your lives
You can keep the daytime and your suffocating
Just be sure to understand-the night's mine
I roam under summer moons and through autumn feilds
Searhching... for my Vampira girl
I wander every graveyard from each lonely roadside
Tonight could be the night

When the Night Comes Down
A figure in the twilight that you cannot see
WHen the Night Comes Down
The moon promises she'll bring you back to me

Are you lonely, are you lonely?
Are you lonely when the night comes down?

Bitter fruit of the day's frustration
Traded for the night's lonely dream
In the mounful quiet the past seems so close at hand
But in the future-I hear it calling, calling to me

Lonliness, heartbreak and fear have walked by my side-

I know them like old friends

But as the sun is setting, I feel my strength returning

Everything seems all right

When the Night Comes Down
A killer who site and waits for anyone
When the Night Comes Down
The kiss of two lovers broken only by dawn

Are you lonely when the night comes down?

I've waited so long (waited so long)
Why can't this feeling last forever?
This feeling... that I feel... When the Night Comes Down

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