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Your Demon

This song is by Thunder Lord and appears on the demo Thunder Attack (2004).

In your dark life
Where you only find
Problems and sadness
Just remain to fight

Fight against your demon
He pursed too much
You let him many time
And he slaved your life

If you wanna be free
You have to fight
Meet your armies
Seek and find him

When you fight
You're not alone
There are people
That don't lost

They can help you
But they will not fight
They'll heal your wounds
And give you the light

With all your strength
Pursue to him
Confront your demon
With faith you will win

If he does hide
Go down to hell
You will find him
And fight there

When you find him
With your sword
Just throw a hit
And cut in two

Now you are free
Now you are free!
Kill your demon
And live free

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