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Mosh Pit

This song is by Three 6 Mafia, features Lil Wyte and Josey Scott and appears on the album Da Unbreakables (2003).

(Intro-Lil Wyte)
Yeah this Lil Wyte layin down for dat HCP
We bout ta throw these boys in the mufuckin Mosh Pit
For those of y'all who don't know what a mosh pit is
It's just a bunch of drunk ignant mufuckas gettin' the shit whooped outta dem to some music

(Chorus-Lil Wyte) 2x

Throw 'em in da mosh pit
Stomp 'em in da mosh pit
Swing yo muthafucken fist
And beat 'em in da mosh pit

(Juicy J)

It's da Juice *wha*
Off in da club *wha*
So raise your set high in da air and show me love *wha*
We drankin beer *wha*
We smokin' pure *wha*
It just alive wit three 6 mafia in yo ear *wha*
We sippin sippin surp *wha*
You might get hurt *wha*
We snatchin bitches beatin' 'em down in da dirt *wha*
We don't play fair *wha*
We throwin' chairs *wha*
So if you scarry get your ass up outta here *wha*

(DJ Paul)

Now show them golds *wha*
And swing dem bows *wha*
Take your shirt off and commence to whoopin hoes *wha*
We got dat dangerous *wha*
Dem boys is stranjas *wha*
Dem boys scared to fuck wit us but I don't blame 'em *wha*
We swingin' nine's *wha*
And poppin' guns *wha*
Roll wit da countriest mufuckas don't run *wha*
Swing back swing back *wha*
Cock back cock back *wha*
Clear da room like click click BOOM

(Pimp C)

Here I come *wha*
An only son *wha*
I'm goin' straight out da ghetto to #1 *wha*
I'm gettin' higher *wha*
I'm on fire *wha*
So all you haters better get ready to retire *wha*
I'm on da scene *wha*
I keep it mean *wha*
I went from havin' no cheddah to bling bling *wha*
I got some ice *wha*
I'm never nice *wha*
And I'm a killa so don't make me say it twice *wha*
Straight outta memphis *wha*
Can I get a witness *wha*
And I be lookin' for da chickins wit a thickness *wha*
I'm here forever *wha*
Any kinda weather *wha*
You say you don't take advice you fucken betta *wha*
My anger's swellin *wha*
My hate is dwellin *wha*
I might be naughty or nice there ain't no tellin' *wha*
My mind is trashed *wha*
I'm about to blast *wha*
Not even a hero can save yourt fucken ass *wha*

(Lil Wyte)

See dat lil Wyte *wha*
I'm from da bay *wha*
I do not play *wha*
You best ta pray *wha*
Dis is my time *wha*
I'm bout ta blind *wha*
I'm smokin' pine *wha*
I am so high *wha*
I'm bout ta ride *wha*
Best not collide *wha*
'Cause if I see you I'm creepin' up from behind *wha*
You betta hide *wha*
You on my side *wha*
You in my hood and I know I'm up on yo mind *wha*
I'll break it down *wha*
Just like a pound *wha*
Of some of the prettiest ghetty tha you done found *wha*
I am the main *wha*
You are the lame *wha*
I'll fuck you up worse then the effect of a plane *wha*
This is the real *wha*
Throw it like a field *wha*
Then get back off in da kitchen where you can chill *wha*
I roll wit killas *wha*
And drug dealas *wha*
And all the othas I kick it wit bout dey skrillas *wha*
Throw 'em in da mosh pit

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