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It Goes Like This (2013)

Thomas Rhett - It Goes Like This

It Goes Like This

  1. Whatcha Got in That Cup
  2. Something to Do with My Hands
  3. Get Me Some of That
  4. Call Me Up
  5. It Goes Like This
  6. Make Me Wanna
  7. Front Porch Junkies (Remix)
  8. In a Minute
  9. Take You Home
  10. Sorry for Partying
  11. All American Middle Class White Boy
  12. Beer with Jesus

Tangled Up (2015)

Thomas Rhett - Tangled Up

Tangled Up

  1. Anthem
  2. Crash and Burn
  3. South Side
  4. Die a Happy Man
  5. Vacation
  6. Like It's the Last Time
  7. T-Shirt
  8. Single Girl
  9. The Day You Stop Looking Back
  10. Tangled
  11. Playing with Fire (featuring Jordin Sparks)
  12. I Feel Good (featuring LunchMoney Lewis)
  13. Learned It from the Radio
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
  1. Star of the Show
  2. American Spirit
  3. Background Music
  4. Playing with Fire (featuring Danielle Bradbery)

Life Changes (2017)

Thomas Rhett - Life Changes

Life Changes

  1. Craving You (featuring Maren Morris)
  2. Unforgettable
  3. Sixteen
  4. Drink a Little Beer (featuring Rhett Akins)
  5. Marry Me
  6. Leave Right Now
  7. Smooth Like the Summer
  8. Life Changes
  9. When You Look Like That
  10. Sweetheart
  11. Kiss Me Like a Stranger
  12. Renegades
  13. Gateway Love
  14. Grave


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