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Illusions (2011)

Thomas Bergersen - Illusions


  1. Aura
  2. Starvation
  3. Dreammaker (featuring Vladislava Vasileva)
  4. Hurt (featuring Kate St. Pierre)
  5. Ocean Princess (featuring Merethe Soltvedt)
  6. Gift of Life (featuring Tina Guo and Merethe Soltvedt)
  7. Rada (featuring Vladislava Vasileva)
  8. A Place in Heaven (featuring Jenifer Thigpen)
  9. Merchant Prince (featuring Merethe Soltvedt and Kate St. Pierre)
  10. Promise (featuring Tina Guo and Merethe Soltvedt)
  11. Femme Fatale (featuring Vladislava Vasileva)
  12. Homecoming
  13. Immortal (featuring Merethe Soltvedt)
  14. Remember Me (featuring Merethe Soltvedt)
  15. Sonera (featuring Jenifer Thigpen and Colin O'Malley)
  16. Reborn (featuring Kate St. Pierre)
  17. Age of Gods
  18. Illusions (featuring Kate St. Pierre)
  19. Soulseeker (featuring Elitsa Todorova)

Sun (2014)

Thomas Bergersen - Sun


  1. Before Time
  2. Creation of Earth
  3. Sun
  4. Cry
  5. Our Destiny
  6. New Life
  7. Final Frontier
  8. Starchild
  9. Colors of Love
  10. Cassandra
  11. Always Mine
  12. Dragonland
  13. Fearless
  14. Empire of Angels
  15. Two Hearts
  16. In Paradisum


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Thomas Bergersen is a performance name for Thomas Jacob Bergersen.

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2003 - present

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