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The Turnip

This song is by This Is The Kit and appears on the album Wriggle Out the Restless (2010).

There was a time
And there was a place
When we were one

And it was so still
And it was so dark
And the place was my tum

And there came a time
And there came a place
When the bun was well done

We had waited the time
We had counted it out
We had done all the sums

So they tried to coax
With the needles and smoke

And they stuck in the pins
And they burned my toe

And the moon was pink
And then the moon turned dark
You had started to start

You had started to start
You decided to start
And the moon was dark

Oh, and your power
Oh, where should I start?

Start to explain
How lucky we are

'Cause he stayed with me
And he stayed with you
Holding on all the the time

And he stayed awake
And he didn't sleep
And the next day we cried

Cause the turnip had turned

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