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This House I Shall Live (2007)

Thi'sl - This House I Shall Live

This House I Shall Live

  1. Answering Machine Pt. 1
  2. Picture This
  3. Walk With Me
  4. Pleaing 4 Your Soul
  5. Not 2 Late Mommy
  6. Lovin Life (Right Now)
  7. Sing 4 Jesus Live 4 Jesus
  8. The Power of a Legacy
  9. I Know I Been Changed
  10. Answering Machine Pt. 3
  11. A Father's Love
  12. Not Enough Dope in My Rhymes
  13. Joy 2 Me
  14. Head On
  15. Somebody Gotta Do Something
  16. Built 4 This
  17. Calvary
  18. Move Back (featuring Lecrae)

Chronicles of an X-Hustler (2009)

Thi'sl - Chronicles of an X-Hustler

Chronicles of an X-Hustler

  1. Set the Scene: Birth
  2. I Hate You (Crack)
  3. Windows Down
  4. On My Grind (featuring Brothatone)
  5. Lifeline
  6. I Forgive You
  7. Baby Girl (featuring Pastor AD3)
  8. Urban Missionary
  9. Set the Scene: Lil Homie
  10. Picture on a Shirt
  11. Daddy Did Me
  12. Identity Shift (Brothers) by Blair Wingo
  13. You're the One (featuring Pastor AD3)
  14. Still Standing Here (featuring Fitzgerald)
  15. Set the Scene: Redemption
  16. I Ain't Turning Back (featuring Flame)

Beautiful Monster (2011)

Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster

Beautiful Monster

  1. Beautiful Music
  2. Let It Knock (featuring PRo)
  3. First 48
  4. Beautiful Monster (featuring Swoope and Skrip)
  5. Beautiful Mind (featuring Pastor AD3)
  6. Hope Road (featuring Jai)
  7. No Walls (Set It Off) (featuring Alcam)
  8. My Radio On Drugs
  9. Money Money Money
  10. Hey Momma (featuring Fitzgerald)
  11. It's Not About Me (featuring Pettidee)
  12. Signed Up to Die
  13. I'm So Gone (featuring Kenneth Deshields)
  14. Hold On (featuring Fitzgerald)
  15. I Need You (featuring Michelle Bonilla)

Free from the Trap (2012)

Thi'sl - Free From The Trap

Free From The Trap

  1. I'm Ready
  2. Snap Off (featuring Pastor AD3)
  3. I Needed You (featuring Brian Owens)
  4. Baby Mommas and Broken Hearts
  5. Wish Upon a Star
  6. Motivation
  7. All We Know Is Winning (featuring Tedashii)
  8. Until the Next Time (featuring Fitzgerald)
  9. We Blind (featuring Brian Owens)
  10. Lord Help Me (featuring Bradd Young)
  11. In the Morning (featuring Daphne Rice)

Fallen King (2014)

Thi'sl - Fallen King

Fallen King

  1. Broken Crown
  2. King Without a Crown (featuring Corey Paul and Swade)
  3. Chicago - Detroit
  4. King of the Trap
  5. Keep Grinding (featuring Brian Owens)
  6. Rooks (featuring Xavier Omär)
  7. No Make Up
  8. Inside Out (featuring Laquan Green)
  9. Dream Team (I Had a Dream)
  10. Do Something Bout It (featuring Nonna)
  11. Take My Life (featuring Flame and Json)
  12. Fallen King (featuring Marz)
  13. Be King (featuring Laquan Green)

Heavy Is the Head (2015)

Thi'sl - Heavy Is The Head

Heavy Is The Head

  1. The Come Up
  2. The Delay
  3. Flex (Drop 40) (featuring Dee-1)
  4. Cadillac Riding (featuring Bhird)
  5. Pull Up (Beating)
  6. It's All Good (featuring Ashthon Jones)
  7. Dreamers (featuring Tone Jonez)
  8. What Are We Fighting For (featuring Tolu)
  9. Brother (featuring Courtney Orlando)
  10. Lean On Me (featuring Courtney Orlando)
  11. Jay and Bey (featuring Aloha Misho)
  12. Yesterday (featuring Theresa Payne and Scarface)
  13. Jesus Wept (featuring Jai)
  14. Kingdom Come


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  1. The Greatest Gift Ever

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