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  1. Oh You Did (featuring Robin Goldwasser)
  2. Omnicorn
  3. I Am Invisible
  4. Definition of Good
  5. And Mom and Kid
  6. I Made a Mess
  7. Moles, Hounds, Bears, Bees and Hares
  8. Walking My Cat Named Dog (Norma Tanega cover)
  9. Or So I Have Read
  10. Elephants (featuring Danny Weinkauf)
  11. Long White Beard (featuring Robin Goldwasser)
  12. I Just Want to Dance
  13. Thinking Machine
  14. So Crazy for Books
  15. I Haven't Seen You in Forever
  16. Out of a Tree
  17. Hello Mrs. Wheelyke
  18. Then the Kids Took Over

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