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Fly to the Rainbow

This song is by Therion and appears on the album Theli (1996) and on the album A’Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming (1997).

This song is a cover of "Fly To The Rainbow" by Scorpions.
I don't live today

Rain in the sky made the world fly
Into time, back beyond time.

Sun in the sky made the world fly
Into time, back beyond time.

Well, I lived in magic solitude
Of cloudy-looking mountains
And a lake made out of crystal raindrops.
Roamin' through space, two thousand years ago,
I've seen the city of Atlantis
Sinking into eternal darkness...

Somewhere in the blue distance
Are those long forgotten trees of yore.
A broken violin floatin' alone in December
Darkness everywhere and nothing more.

Symbol, strange melancholy,
Painted torrid colours to a sky of green.
Candle, breathing one night only,
Far away, in chillness, bleak, unseen.

Drifting galley, ghostlike shadow,
Set sail to catch and kill the time.
Echoes wandering down an endless meadow,
Search for a thing... sublime...

Fly to the rainbow, fly away, so far away...

(Last vocal line not in the original version,
It was spontaniously added in the studio)

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