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This song is by The Pedestrians and appears on the album Bring Your Own Bear (2011).

ORION (Music and Lyrics: Russo)

I am man, procured by fate, my constant mate, as you know
Fate's a fickle game to play
And times are changing all the time, as they say
Even things they know are just the same

Turn the image closer
Watch the pile burn
Even in the movies, they just gather what they learn
Court the revolution
Call the stars by name
You're gone, they're gone, they've gone away

Even though by the end of the day I know there'll be something good to say
But so long as there's a time to plan out • Nothing planned will stay that way

See the clouds but stay outside
Fight the storm, at least you tried
But Old Fortuna won't be long
She'll play you a different song
In your best to just sing along

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